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George Earth Comix Head

Trained as a guitarist, George became a major label recording artist and toured the world before expanding into the composer role he holds today. Modern, neo classical, orchestral, industrial, electronic, acoustic...all flavors of sound.

Partial list of credits include:
score composer "Show Me" (2011), David Schneider, director; Michelle Gardner & Todd Sharp, producer
theme composer "Ninja Sheep" (2011), Shelley Johnson, animation/director
score composer "Firsts" (2010) Fewdio Films, David Schneider director
theme and score composer "Cheap Comix" (2008), George Earth writer/director
theme and segment composer "The Talk Show" (2008), George Earth writer/director
score and segment composer "Echo Park TV" (2007), Carolin Reiter producer
segment composer "It'll Be Better Tomorrow" (2005), Michael Dean director
score composer "The Festival of Immortality" theater production (2002), Eyes&Teeth Prod
segment composer "Gone Bad" (2001), Mondo Media, Marco Bertoldo director

George lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two other females (one cat, one dog). In his spare time he feels bad about having spare time.